Federation Kurash of Ukraine

about wrestling Kurash
and activities of the SBI, "Federation kurash Ukraine"
Kurash - the most ancient form of struggle in the clothes, known to the world. Its roots are in the territory of modern Uzbekistan. According to the latest scientific research the age of Cyrus is at least three and a half thousand years.
Kurash - an Uzbek word means - "the goal of an honest way." In those ancient times it was a form of martial art and at the same time the public physical entertainment at traditional festivals, feasts and weddings. Mention of it can be found in many ancient literary sources.
Nearly 2500 years ago, Herodotus, the famous Greek philosopher and historian, in his monumental work "History" mentions Kurash in descriptions of customs and traditions of the peoples of Central Asia.
The legendary epic Alpomysh, which appeared a thousand years ago, calls Kurash most popular and common type of martial arts.
The great oriental scholar and philosopher Avicenna, the founder of modern medicine, who lived in the X century, wrote that practicing Kurash is one of the best ways to support the health of body and spirit.
In the XIV century Timur Kurash used for physical training and self-defense of their soldiers. As we know, the army of Timur conquered half the world, and remained unbeaten.
Kurash not engage in combat in the prone position. You can only fight in the rack and allowed only throws and sweeps. The use of any armlock, choke holds and grabs the waist is strictly prohibited. All this makes Kurash simple, friendly, dynamic and safe sport.
         New life of Cyrus began in 1992, when the President of the Uzbek Kurash Federation was formally received by President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov. The meeting discussed the development of combat spectacle. It was determined the main objective of this development - the further spread of kurash in the world and the inclusion of this sport in the Olympic Games.
In September 1998 in the Uzbek capital Tashkent hosted the first ever international tournament Kurash with the participation of athletes from nearly 30 countries in Asia, Europe and Pan America. Uzbekistan Kurash competitions are usually held at the football stadiums.
Not an exception and this tournament which was held at the prize.
During this tournament in Tashkent, a historic event. September 6, 1998 representatives of 28 countries in Europe, Asia and Pan America created the International Kurash Association - the official international sport body representing Kurash on the international arena. Since Sept. 6 was the birthday of Cyrus in the international arena. During the first Constituent Congress, was approved by the Charter of the new organization, adopted the International Regulations Kurash, and elected governing body of the MAC - Executive Committee:
         President of the IKA (IKA) - Mr. Komil Yusupov.
         Honorary President of the IKA (IKA) - President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, His Excellency Islam Karimov.
From the outset, the IAC has identified several strategic areas of its activities.
The first task - to attract the largest possible number of member countries. In the period from 1999 to 2003 successively formed structural system of the Association, were created and entered in the Association of continental federations in Asia, Europe, Pan America, Africa and Oceania. In just five years of the MAC was able to unite the five continents of the planet. This is probably the most rapid development in the history of world sport. By the end of 2006, IAC brings together the federation of more than 80 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Pan America and Oceania.
The second trend - the holding of championships and tournaments.
The main sporting event in the world of Cyrus is the World Championship.
The first ever World Championship was held in May 1999 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Here Kurash set another record in the history of world sport. To participate in the first world championship in the capital of the homeland of Cyrus visited by representatives of 48 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Pan America. In the opening of the championship was attended by President of Uzbekistan, Honorary President of the IAC President Islam Karimov.


November 1, 2005 the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine was registered Ukrainian public organization "Federation kurash Ukraine" (certificate number 2334). President of the Federation is Machugin Vladimir Mikhailovich, Honored coach of Ukraine.
December 20, 2005 kurash Federation of Ukraine was admitted as a formal member of the IKA (IKA) and the European Conference Kurash in the Sixth Congress of the IKA, which was held in Tashkent on 29 November 2005.
Based on the order of Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports from 03.12.2008 years № 4782 sport "kurash acquired official status recognized in Ukraine and is included in the list of sports found in Ukraine.
Ukrainian sportsmen participated actively in international competitions Kurash. Thus, in December 2004 at the European Championship (Thessaloniki, Greece) Ukrainian fighter Nugzar Mesablishvili took second place in weight category 90 kg.
In 2005 at the world championships in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) N. Mesablishvili III took place in the weight category 90 kg, and the Ukrainian athlete Galina Koval also won the Third place in the heavy and open weight categories.
October 2006 - at the World Championship in Santa Domingo (Dominican Republic), Vitaly Beletsky won a silver medal in the open weight category.
April 2007 - World Championship women's World Championship among veterans and the International Kurash among men in the town of Termez (Uzbekistan) - Women's second place in heavy weight category won Galina Koval, and among veterans of first place in the different weight classes won Basil Bolotov and Nick Charles, second place - Ukrainian Oleg Bolotov.
Were conducted on the initiative of the Federation kurash Ukraine Ukrainian Kurash:
- Vseukrainskogo tournament was held March 18, 2006 in Khmelnytsky; in competition was attended by 84 athletes from 5 regions of Ukraine. Chief Justice appointed by order of competitions Ukrainian Ministry for Family, Youth and Sports of Ukraine from March 9, 2006 № 710 Machugin Vladimir (International category, Kiev). The cost of the tournament were classified by the Ministry through the Federation kurash Ukraine.
 - All Ukrainian tournament was held March 16-18, 2007 in Shepetovka Khmelnitsky region (order number 569 of 27 February 2007 the Ukrainian Ministry for Family, Youth and Sports). Chief Justice of the competition - judge national category Kushik SV Chief Secretary of the competition - Judge national category Guska MB
            Active participation in preparing and conducting turinira with the SBI, "Federation kurash Ukraine adopted city council deputy Shepetivka Khristyuk DV under the patronage of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Ukraine Khaidarova IU Substantial assistance in the logistics of the tournament provided the JSC ARTEM-CONTACT "in the person of Chairman of the Board Rakhmanova DG and OAO TODAK "in the person of President Ostrikov VD, which provided for the tournament, except for financial assistance, full of colorful banner.
           In a tournament, attended by special guests: Head of the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Ukraine, Honorary Member of the Federation kurash Ukraine, Mr. Ubajdullaev BM and an advisor on trade The economic issues of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Ukraine Mr. Yusupov BP
Were also held on the initiative of the SBI, "Federation kurash Ukraine» I and II of the International Kurash "Black Sea" in the city of Evpatoria (Autonomous Republic of Crimea): in 2007 and 2008.
         II International tournament Kurash "Black Sea", in particular, has received considerable attention in the press.
The inauguration ceremony of the tournament was held September 21, 2008 at the Palais des Sports City Evpatoria.
He opened the tournament chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Viktor Tarasovich Plakida. In his speech to the participants of the competition, the Organizing Committee members and guests of the tournament, Mr Plakida greeted the athletes and wished them success and expressed confidence that the International Kurash "Black Sea" is an annual sports festival being held in Evpatoria.
Also participated in the Second International Kurash "Black Sea" as the guests of honor:
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan to Ukraine Ilkhom Islamov Khaidarov and Olympic champion in 1972 in Greco-Roman wrestling Rustem Kazakov.
Welcoming speech by the President of the IKA Komil Tursunovich Yusupov.
The winners of the Second International Kurash "Black Sea" were (in the open category):
1 st place - Yuri Stetsenko (Ukraine, Kiev)
2 nd place - Primshanov Temur (Crimea, Simferopol)
3 place - Fiberdiev Ruslan (Crimea, Simferopol)
              and Malchko Constantine (Ukraine, Kiev region, Irpin)
The winners were awarded medals Federation kurash Ukraine, diplomas and valuable prizes: 4 color TV.
For active development kurash and its popularization in Ukraine president of the Federation kurash Ukraine Vladimir Machugin was awarded the Gold Medal of the IKA (IKA) during the celebration of the 10 th anniversary of the IKA in September 2008 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) .
At the meeting, the IX Congress of the IKA, held on 14 November 2008 in Istanbul (Turkey), Adviser to the President of the IKA by Victor D. Ostrik was also awarded the Gold Medal of the IKA (IKA) - for a significant contribution to the development of combat spectacle.
         Also at the meeting of the IX Congress of the IKA, our Federation has won the tender for the right of the Ukrainian World Cup against Kurash in 2009.
         Under the Charter of the IKA (IKA) World Championship Kurash among adults is held every two years. In conjunction with the World Cup Kurash held a regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the IKA and the meeting of the Congress of the IKA. These meetings are held every year - respectively, along with the World Championships Kurash among adults and youth.
         Congress of the IKA (IKA) - the supreme governing body IKA, which includes authorized representatives of the continental federations Kurash. At meetings of the Congress adopted important decisions concerning the activities of the IKA: elected members of the executive committee, and amendments and supplements to the Charter of IKA, approved program of IKA, reports on financial performance, and cost estimates for the events of the coming period of work.
         Meeting of the Congress is the most representative event IKA.
 Before the World Cup VII, 8 October 2009 a meeting of X Congress of the IKA (Alushta). At first there was a press conference, which took part as invited persons: the mayor of Alushta Shcherbina Vladimir E., Chairman of the Republican Committee for Physical Culture and Sport of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Kaschavtsev Peter V., Vice-Chairman of the National Committee of Physical Culture and Sport Crimea Bekirov Jafer Enverovich.
           On the agenda X Congress addressed such questions:
1 Opening of the meeting of the Congress IKA
2. Adoption of Protocol IX Congress of IKA in Istanbul
Turkey in November 2008
3. Reports of Continental Presidents of their
Kurash Confederation in 2009
4. The admission of new federations IKA Kurash
5. Committees IKA
6. Calendar Association for 2010-2011
7. Report of the Audit Committee
8. Report of the Treasurer IKA Mr. Tadzhieva
9 closed session of the Congress IKA
        A meeting of the Congress was chaired by the President of the IKA Mr. Yusupov Komila Tursunovich.
(October 9, 2009)
  October 9, 2009 in Alushta (Autonomous Republic of Crimea) the opening of VII World Championship against spectacle.
      At the opening ceremony, which began in 16 hours - after the preliminary bouts (Category: Men - 90, 100, +100 kg and women - 48, 52, 57, 63 kg), was attended by representatives of 29-ty countries from different continents Earth.
By OUSTS stadium "Spartak" of Alushta, colorfully decorated with balloons, posters, banners, flowers, the column marched the parade of countries participating in the championship.
The audience greeted with applause of representatives of France, South Africa, Iran, Iraq, Mongolia, Georgia, India, Greece, Finland, Germany, Botswana, Moldova and other countries who came to this sports festival.
     The inauguration ceremony was held under the bright sun of Alushta, treat all participants in its warmth.
     From IKA participated in the opening World Cup members of the Executive Committee and the President of the IKA Yusupov Kamilzhon Tursunovich.
     Following the presentation by welcoming Mr. Yusupov VII officially opened the World Cup against Kurash chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Plakida Victor Tarasovich.
     Also welcomed all participants to the World Cup President of the Division of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine in the Crimea Evgeniy Mikhailov, read by all those present a welcome address the President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine Sergey Bubka Nazarovych ..
     From Federation kurash Ukraine took part in the opening ceremony of the VII World Championship kurash:
     President of the Ukrainian Federation kurash Machugin Vladimir;
     First Vice-President of the Federation kurash Ukraine Bolotov Vasily;
     Executive Director of the Federation kurash Ukraine Machugina Olga;
     President of the Crimean Republican Federation kurash Nazarov Anvar Turdalievich;
     First Vice-President of the Crimean Republican Federation kurash, First Deputy Chairman of the National Committee for Physical Culture and Sport of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Vitaly Romanov;
     Vice-President of the Crimean Republican Federation kurash Imamzhanov Baktiyar Aripzhanovich.

      Welcoming remarks and greetings to the athletes also spoke:
      Director of the Olympic sports training center "Spartak" of Alushta Stas Sarah Childress;
      1972 Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling Rustem Kazakov Abdullaevich;
      Deputy mayor of Alushta Kolot Stanislav V..

      The honorary right to raise the National Flag of Ukraine Flag of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has been granted:

     Mesablishvili Nugzar Revazovich, the winner World Championship Kurash 2005, head coach of national team of Ukraine Kurash, party sports world championship Kurash 2009
    and Galina A. Koval, a multiple world championships prizershe Kurash.

      Also during the opening ceremony of the championship Anikin Ruslan Nikolavevich, head coach of the national team against Ukraine Kurash, carried the torch along the stands of spectators, and lit a flame sports events in a symbolic Olympic bowl.
      Eyecatcher grand opening World Cup against Kurash filled with exciting dance performances: a model of ensemble dancing Smile Center of Child and Youth Creativity of Alushta song "Ukrainian folk dance Hopak" (header Natalia Lindegrin), a dance company of the Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University "Uchanssu" with the Tatar folk dances and calisthenics Branch junior sports school "Olympian" city of Alushta with the song "Butterflies" and "Black Cat".
For the organization of the VII World Championship kurash in Ukraine at a high level, executive director of the Federation kurash Ukraine Machugina Olga was awarded the Gold Medal of the IKA. Has presented the award personally by the President of the IKA Mr. Yusupov Komil Tursunovich.