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MMA - (from the English. Mixed Martial Arts) - mixed martial arts that combine multiple techniques, schools and movements of various kinds of martial arts. MMA is a full contact combat using striking technique and control in stance (clinch), and on the floor (ground floor). The term «Mixed Martial Arts» was proposed in 1995 by Rick Blum, president Battlecade, one of the earliest organizations of MMA and, later, found the use of sustainable and non-English speaking countries.
The appearance of MMA as a term and as a phenomenon is not an accident, and has a history, and I am not afraid of the word - a centuries-old. MMA origins go back to the days before our era: the ancient Greeks in the first Olympic Games competed in pankration. Pankration is the oldest style of unarmed combat, reminiscent of modern MMA. The Greeks introduced the discipline in the Olympic Games in 648 BC. Greek pankration later transformed into a more violent "etruskansky" and Roman "pankratium." Fighting in this style were shown in the Coliseum, and the statues of prominent men were subsequently established in Rome and other Italian cities.

Some public displays of fights took place in the end of XIX century. They represented different fighting styles, including jiu-jitsu, wrestling and other styles. Competition with mixed styles (eg, boxer vs. wrestler) were very popular in Europe and many countries in the Far East at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries. In England, there was even a martial art called "bartitsu" combines European and Asian scholars. Bartitsu mention, in particular, is found in the famous English writer Arthur Conan Doyle, who attributed possession of "deadly struggle baritsu" to its anti-hero - Professor Moriarty. Their knowledge in this area Moriarty uses in close fight with Sherlock Holmes, the school of English boxing, on the edge of Reichenbach Falls.
After the First World War battle revived in two main streams. First - it was a real contest, called "shutrestling" (English shootwrestling); second case became choreographed fights scheduled shows, which eventually led to professional wrestling, now popular in many countries, particularly the U.S., Japan and Mexico .
In the late 60's the concept of combining elements of different martial arts was popularized by Bruce Lee. Philosophy developed by Bruce Lee, was called "Dzhitkundo", and one of its main principles is the ability to successfully adapt to a fighter of any style. Lee teachings and especially his film had an impact on the MMA to such an extent that in 2004, UFC president Dana White called Lee "the father of MMA." Should also be noted that even with the addition dzhitkundo more ancient times in Japan, there were already mixed martial arts, such as kadzyukembo karateGodzyu and Ryu.
MMA ancestor existed in the Soviet Union: it was the "Sambo" (self-defense without weapons) - a system developed in 1938, the year of the fusion of many kinds of martial arts, due to the order № 633 "On the development of the struggle of the free style." Of all existing sports martial arts Sambo most closely resembles MMA arsenal used for receptions. It should be clarified that Sambo is divided into two main areas: sports and fighting. While in the first case, the main objective is to demonstrate throwing techniques or equipment painful methods, the Combat Sambo is much closer to the MMA in its essence, as it is the ability of the primary fighter efficiently and quickly to deprive the enemy of the resistance. Due in part to combat this section Sambo before 1991, was available only to law enforcement agencies. In addition, the armed forces of the USSR, from 1979, the competitions for the ARB, the rules of which are very similar to the rules of mixed martial arts.

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