Federation of Wushu Kungfu and Qigong Ukraine


Federation of Wushu / Kungfu &
Qigong Ukraine 1988 2011rr.

Federation of Wushu / Kungfu & Qigong Ukraine was created first among the federations of martial arts in 1988 at the State Committee of USSR. President - Matulevskyy Nicholas A., WCMS, a judge of international category. Head coach teams - Solodylina Lyudmila Y., Honored coach of Ukraine, WCMS, a judge of international category. Address: 02183, Kyiv, str. Kibalchicha 11-B, tel. 512-86-62, fax. wushu-Ukraine@mbox.com.ua , Федерація була повним членом Міжнародної федерації ушу (IWuF) та Європейської федерації ушу (EWuF) з 1993р.">510-95-90, E-mail: wushu-Ukraine@mbox.com.ua, Federation was a full member of the International Wushu Federation (IWuF) and the European Federation of Wushu (EWuF) since 1993. to 2007. The status of "national" granted in 1997., Continued from 2002. to 2006. Federation of Wushu / Kungfu & Qigong Ukraine is co-founder of the Sports Committee of Ukraine. At this time, the Federation is a member of three influential international organizations.

Participation of Ukraine national team in Wushu / Kungfu in international competitions beginning in 1990 in an international tournament Moscow-90. Ukraine National team twice (1998, 2000) won the European Championship, in 1996 and in 2004 ranked third team place in 2002. - Second. In 1995 the team won the European Cup. In 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and -2005. was the World Cup of traditional Kungfu, and from 2006 to 2010. - World champion version WCKA. The festival tournament in Chenchzhou (PRC) in 2004, the national team of Ukraine won eight gold, two silver and two bronze medals. At the first European Championship Championship in Antwerp (Belgium) youth national team of Ukraine took the second place, and the second - third, winning, in general, 45 medals of different quality. The first European Cup among children in Moscow (Russia) in 2004 youth national team of Ukraine took the second place. In 2009, the national team of Ukraine became the champion of Kungfu in the team standings. In 2010. team won six team place at the fifth international tournament representative in Hong Kong (China) among the 193 participating teams.

Over the years trained 79 masters of sports of Ukraine and 27 masters of sports of international class. Honorary title "Honored coach of Ukraine" noted the work of eight coaches of.

Over the entire period of open, legalized and work in the prescribed manner a Coach of Wushu / Kungfu in Kyiv, and 8 branches Coach in areas and cities of Ukraine