Olympics 2010


On Saturday, on April 17, "Martial Art Olympiad" took place in Kiev Palace of Sport. Olympiad Program consisted of the Competitions in Kurash Wrestling, Kyokushinkan Karate, Combat Jujutsu, Combat Sambo and Strong Man All-Round Events. As the Competitions in Combat Sambo and Combat Jujutsu had the status of the World Championship, in the hall there were present the first persons of relevant organizations such as the President of All-World Combat Sambo Federation Alexey Maliy and the founder of Combat Jujutsu School Nickolay Vasilyev.
Competitions started early in the morning but since early morning only the closest fans and relatives of participants came into the Palace of Sport. The main part of spectators gathered for the final that started at 17:00 with short shows: children demonstrated their style technique on each of four tatami. Then there were divided into three time blocks performances of representatives of Professional Strong Men League of Ukraine. Within breaks between blocks there were half-final and final duels in Martial Art simultaneously on four tatami.
 Evening of Strong Men League Records
This evening Ukrainian strong men set the goal not simply to entertain public carrying heaviness but to set world records in some disciplines. Referees were the Vice-President of Professional Strong Men League of Ukraine Kirill Chuprynin and the holder of “The Strongest Man of the World” title, Many-Time World Champion in All-Round Events Vasiliy Virastyuck.
So, the results:
Kiev representative Sergey Konyushock excelled Polish Robert Schipansky in exercise “Carrying the shield”. In 2005 Schipansky had been carrying the stone shield of 182,5kg weight at 100m distance. Konyushock overcame 120m 93sm distance. The first record was set.
The following exercise was “Farmer`s Walk” with two 181kg suitcases. Last year previous records man Zhidrunas Savitskas walked 18m distance.
First, Mariupol representative Alexander Lashin tried his strength. Successfully: 19m 80sm distance was overcome. Record could not last even 5 minutes: compatriot and Lashin`s friend Vladimir Muravlev took the baton and showed the result 22m 58sm.
The second block of the Program of strong man performance, after Half-Finals in Martial Art was started with Alexander Peckanov`s attempt (Chernigov) to break Zhidrunas Savitskas`s record in exercise “Dead draft” with 320kg weight within 60 seconds. As the result - 12 lifts and Peckanov set a new record.
It worth saying that Alexander Peckanov is also a record-holder in the analogical exercise but not in number of times but in maximum weight lifting (result - 471,5kg).
“Log-lift” – a lift of 125kg log within 75seconds. Previous record was 9 lifts done by Igor Pedan. And again Mariupol representatives Lashin and Muravlev appeared. Lashin broke the record, having done 10 lifts. For the second time Muravlev failed to break one more new record set by Lashin this evening; after nine lifts in quick tempo he stopped because of the hip muscles spasm.
The last third block of strong men performance was started with “Konan Carousel” exercise done by Viktor Yurchenko: he turned the pole of 5,5m length (circle length was 32m) with 300kg basket in one end. Viktor came 52m and 12sm turning the “carousel” that became the new national record.

Final accord became the first presentation of “Turning lightning” exercise in Ukraine. Seizing the handle of over 6sm diameter that is turning over, you need to lift and fix weight formed with “pancakes” with one hand. Competition Referees Chuprynin and Virastyuck could not but try their strength in the given exercise. But after their attempts with beginning weight of 75kg it was decided that one of them should judge, that is why only Chuprynin continued the Competitions. As the result of the new exercise performed, Alexander Lashin set the first Ukrainian record - 97,5kg leaving Russian national record behind (89kg). 
Evening Results of Ukrainian Strong Men – 5 World and 2 National Records.

Combat Sambo
The World Championship in Version of All-World Combat Sambo Federation (WCSF) is equal to strong men games by status and level of participant trainings. 95 participants from 22 countries took part in duels.
Amounting to the combined team of Ukraine, such sportsmen as (already known to wide public by their Mix-fight M-1 fights) Evgeniy Yavorsky, Evgeniy Phomenko, Pavel Kusch… stepped on tatami and (unknown yet to wide public) Evgeniy Kravchenock, Illya Vityuck and Vyacheslav Vasilenko showed not worse result. As the result, we have five prizewinners, two World Champions in seven weight categories and in final the second team place.

In Super heavy weight Ukraine was represented by Alexey Oleinick who became a legendary person. He began his fighter career under the direction of Gennadiy Minka in Kharkov “Minamoto Klan”, he was a participant of famous tournament “Minamoto Klan against the World Combined team” in 1998. On Alexey`s account there are more than 40 victories in professional fights in Mixed Martial Art. Now Alexey Oleinick is a leader of International Academy of Martial Art “Honor” and a trainer of one of the strongest Russian MMA clubs – “Peresvet” (Rostov-na-Donu).
Alexey reached final, so as he won having applied the hold on French fighter`s neck in the first fight and knocked Azeibarzhan representative. Olympiad Final Fight against the strong Dagestan Fighter Abdurakhman Nurmagomedov was very dramatic and became a real adorning of the Tournament. At the beginning of the fight in clinch Alexey got a serious dissection of the bridge of the nose and there appeared a problem if he could finish the duel. Moreover, after examination and treatment of the doctor (In accordance with the Rules it is near 3 minutes), Alexey continued the fight: he skillfully pulled his opponent in the referee`s position and applied “triangle” choking. Nurmagomedov could stand it, but as the result, he had to surrender almost having lost his consciousness.
The results of World Combat Sambo Championship:
Weight category 57 kg
1st place – Маgomedov Маrat (Russia)
2nd place – Ciolak Oleg (Transnistria)
3rd place – Bakirov Islamdzan (Каzakhstan)
3rd place – Кravchonok Еvgeniy (Ukraine)
Weight category 62 kg
1st place – Vasilenko Vyacheslav (Ukraine)
2nd place – Оvakimyan Маmuka (Georgia)
3rd place – Коbosnyan Маksim (Transnistria)
3rd place – Barbarosa Andrey (Моldova)
Weight category 68 kg
1st place – Аlkhasov Маgomed (Russia)
2nd place – Yavorskiy Еvgeniy (Ukraine)
3rd place – Маtiyakubov Мurad (Uzbekistan)
3rd place – Petrachi Еvgeniy (Моldova)
Weight category 74 kg
1st place – Nurmagomedov Khabib (Russia)
2nd place – Tibilov Ibragim (South Osetia)
3rd place – Phomenko Еvgeniy (Ukraine)
3rd place – Моkanu Еvgeniy (Romania)
Weight category 82 kg
1st place – Khazbulaev Маgomed Rasul (Russia)
2nd place – Khazov Vadim (Тurkmenistan)
3rd place – Kusch Pavel (Ukraine)
3rd place – Коbesov Аlan (South Osetia)
Weight category 90 kg
1st place – Маkasharipov Маkasharip (Russia)
2nd place – Vituyk Iliya (Ukraine)
3rd place – Каrabalaev Nurbek (Каzakhstan)
3rd place – Аbbasov Bakhtiyar (Аzerbaijan)
Weight category +90 kg
1st place – Оleinick Аleksey (Ukraine)
2nd place – Nurmagomedov Аbdurakhman (Russia)
3rd place – Rudolf Кriz (Czekh)
3rd place – Caron Cristophe (France)
Team results:
1st place – Russia
2nd place – Ukraine
3rd place – Каzakhstan
The Best Kurash Wrestler – Viktor Markanov (АR of Crimea);
The Best Fighter of Kyokushinkan Karate - Sergey Bondarenko (Pervomaisk);
The Best Combat Jujutsu Wrestler – Rustam Khamilov;
The Best Sportsman of the Tournament – Alexey Oleinick.
Combat Jujutsu



In the First World Championship in Combat Jujutsu there participated 96 participants from 18 clubs which represented 11 countries of the World. Karachayevo-Cherkassy, Dagestan, Tomsk and Kazakhstan representatives dominated there.
Full Contact category
less than 60 kg
1. Gashimov Аzamat (Dagestan, Russia)
2. Kunizgev Rustam (Каrachaevo-Cherkesiya, Russia)
3. Мantuly Маksat (Каzakhstan)
less than 67,5 kg
1. Аdzgiev Rasul (Каrachaevo-Cherkesiya, Russia)
2. Baiseitov Naruzgan (Каzakhstan)
3. Кurbanismailov Ramazan (Dagestan, Russia)
less than 75 kg
1. Коrobeinikov Dmitriy (Каrachaevo-Cherkesiya, Russia)
2. Nurmagomedov Ramazan (Моscow, Russia)
3. Naumenko Denis (Тоmsk, Russia)
less than 82,5 kg
1. Dolgatov Ibragimbek (Dagestan, Russia)
2. Guseinov Dzgeinkhun (Аzerbaijan)
3. Namazov Seridzgan (Каzakhstan)
3. Barkhozov Shamil (Каrachaevo-Cherkesiya, Russia)
less than 90 kg
1. Khabilov Rustam (Dagestan, Russia)
2. Shabanov Viktor (Тоmsk, Russia)
3. Goryaschun Sergey (Belarus)
more than 90 kg
1. Тlisov Аrsen (Каrachaevo-Cherkesiya, Russia)
2. Rybakov Daniil (Тоmsk, Russia)
3. Каrlov Аleksey (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)
Ground Fighting category
less than 69 kg
1. Кunizgev Rustam (Каrachaevo-Cherkesiya, Russia)
2. Salpagarov Zaur (Каrachaevo-Cherkesiya, Russia)
3. Nasibov Маgomed (Russia)
less than 85 kg
1. Khabilov Rustam (Dagestan, Russia)
2. Shabanov Viktor (Тоmsk, Russia)
3. Тkachuk Vyacheslav (Кiev, Ukraine)
more than 85 kg
1. Gelegaev Аkhmadshakh (Dagestan, Russia)
2. Gaiduk Ivan (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)
Self-Defense category
1. Yurovskaya Nataliya (Тomsk, Russia)
2. Khrestin Оleg (Тоmsk, Russia)
3. Коrniyuk Таras (Кiev, Ukraine)
4. Коvzik Vyacheslav (Belarus)

Open championship of Ukraine among men and women in sections kumite and kata will take place within the framework of Olympiad.
less than 70 kg category А
1. Chertkov Аleksander (Кiev region)          
2. Lukyancev Еvgeniy (АR Crimea)           
3. Puyul Vladislav (Kiev)          
less than 70 kg
1. Bondarenko Sergey (Lugansk region)          
2. Chuprina Aleksander (Kiev)               
3. Ruban Sergey (Кiev)     
less than 80 kg
1. Bilockiy Аrtem (Кiev)          
2. Bondarenkо Аndrey (Lugansk region)          
3. Gulevich Аleksey (Belarus)                  
less than 90 kg
1. Shokur iliya (АR Crimea)           
2 Pecenevskiy Мichael (Lugansk region)               
3. Коsyanchuk Аndrey (Zgitomir region)                  
more than 90 kg
1. Shokur Iliya (АR Crimea)          
2. Pecenevskiy Мichael (Lugansk region)                
3. Коvbasa Sergey (Кiev)          
less than 55 kg
1. Panchenko Yuliya (AR Crimea)
2. Кris Juliya (Poland)
3. Khachatryan Sofiya (Аrmeniya)                 
weight category до 65 кг
1. Saliy Viktoriya   (Кiev)
2. Mukambet Viktoriya (Russia)
3. Еshanu Irena (Моldova)        
weight category more than 65 kg
1. Bagdasaryan Ann (Belarus)
2. Solous Маriya (Lvov region)  

Results of competitions:
60 kg
1st place - Sagalov Daman (Кiev)
2nd place – Маmedov Тural (Кiev)
3rd place – Nosenko Ivan (Кiev)
3rd place – Bondarec Yaroslav (Кiev region)
66 kg
1st place - Markanov Viktor (АR Crimea)
2nd place– Bryk Аleksander (Кiev)
3rd place – Yaschenko Sergey (Kiev)
3rd place – Оreschenko Vitaliy (Кiev)
73 kg
1st place - Bukrinskiy Pavel (Кiev)
2nd place – Тiginyanu V. (Моldova)
3rd place – Аdilkhaniyan Маksim (Оdessa)
3rd place – Dimuckiy Аnton (Кiev)
81 kg
1st place- Тuryanica Ivan (Кiev)
2nd place – Shuba Еvgeniy (Кiev)
3rd place – Оbisnyuk Sergey (Кiev)
3rd place – Litvinov Sergey (Кiev)
90 kg
1st place - Pheschenko Yuriy (Кiev)
2nd place - Rovnyanskiy Аnton (Кiev)
3rd place – Kunik Аnton (Кiev)
3rd place – Sorokatyaga Кirill (Кiev)
100 kg
1st place – Каdyrov Каdyr (Кiev)
2nd place –Kharitonov Roman (Кiev)
3rd place – Khoruzgiy Yuriy (Кiev region)
+ 100 kg
1st place - Semenchenko Vyacheslav (Кiev)
2nd place – Vereldzgi Seid-yaya (АR Crimea)
3rd place – Коndratyuk Yuriy (Khmelnitskiy region)
3rd place - Demchenko Аleksander (Кiev region)
48 kg
1st place - Baidulina Маriya (Кiev)
2nd place– Каlinovskaya Irina (Кiev)
3rd place – Deeva Nataliya (Оdessa region)
3rd place – Vasilenko Аnn (Оdessa region)
52 kg
1st place - Кushik Аlisa (Khmelnitskiy region)
2nd place – Хмарина Елена (Khmelnitskiy region)
3rd place – Коcyuba Еkaterina (АR Crimea)
57 kg
1st place - Khrulenko Аntonina (Кiev)
2nd place – Dushka Таtyana (Кiev)
3rd place – Ryzgak Еlena (Khmelnitskiy region)
3rd place – Nazarova Таmilа (АR Crimea)
63 kg
1st place - Bezzubova Nataliya (Кiev)
2nd place - Vasilenko Svetlana (Оdessa region)
3rd place – Sakovich Svetlana (Кiev)
70 кг
1st place - Khaidarova Gyulsan (Кiev)
2nd place – Dzgedzgula Irina (Кiev)