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Center Home staff recruitment "COMFORT-VIP»

Impeccability - the style of our work.

Our main task - to bring peace and tranquility to your home.
Our team - professional, advanced, decent people.
Domestic staff that we provide to you, have the skills to quality service has a clear idea of ​​the subordination of ethics and compliance.
Special courses and workshops allow the housekeeper to know the criteria for environmentally-clean cleaning, to be able to use modern appliances and chemistry, and the nurse - to own a full range of newborn baby care, methods of early childhood development.

5 reasons to choose us:
1. We love what we do!
2. We are developing every day!
3. We are working on the result!
4. We have an individual approach!
5. We are the ones who recommend to friends!

We have always been the understanding of your problems, loyalty, reliability, and objectivity in performing tasks which are set before us!
And yet, we are able to maintain a unique corporate spirit of mutual respect, and because of this, we are drawn to good people, many of our clients become our friends for many years.
Warmth, caring, kindness and attention had not much happens. Affectionate nurse, patient governess neat housekeeper, experienced maid, nurse, married couple, a personal driver gladly accept in any home.

It offers to leave the house:
• florist
• Psychologist
• Children's masseur
• children's swimming instructor

Famous people of Kiev to thank us for the correct selection of domestic staff (qualified). Most valuable to the director and all employees are customer reviews, peace and tranquility in their homes, a good psychological climate in the team.
Since its start, the service center for recruitment of domestic staff "Comfort VIP» set a goal - to bring joy to people.
We thank our customers for what they have entrusted us with recruitment.