selling tickets


 The company "Parter" is the intermediary between the event organizer and the client.

The main activity of our company is to realize tickets for theater, concerts and other events held in the territory of Ukraine.

The company "Parter" offers full service ticket order:

1. Company site has a unique system of tickets, thanks to which you can directly on the map to select the desired spot in the hall and order it.

2. Multi-call-center companies - 287-87-87 - open daily from 9-00 to 21-00. Our operators will offer you a choice of tickets and reserve those you specify.

3. Get your tickets, you can:

  a) in cash PARTER.UA at st. Gorodetsky 8 (Red Double Bus) from 11-00 to 20-00.
b) in cash PARTER.UA at st. Grishko 5 (TC "Aladdin") from 11-00 to 20-00.
c) in cash PARTER.UA at st. Lunacharsky fourth (TC "Komod") from 11-00 to 20-00.
d) using the services of a courier, who will deliver tickets in your own time and place.

Responsibility for measures failed or canceled, delayed or changing the date of the quality measures and other matters related to the organization of events - is the organizer of the event. The company "Parter" is responsible for the quality of its services.


Address: 01004, Kyiv. Fifth Ave 9, of. 2,
Tel: 287-87-88
Fax: 287-87-86