World Horting Federation

Rules and methods of teaching in hortynhu based on common sense, good manners and ancient martial traditions of the Ukrainian people. The word "Hortynh" comes from the name famously known in the world of the island Khortytsya, which was located and operated Zaporizhzhya Sich, which played a progressive role in the history of the Ukrainian people.
The idea of ​​Hortynhu as a complex system of self-identity based on physical, moral, ethical and spiritual education associated with the revival of ancient folk traditions, passed down from generation to generation.
Between trips to Host held competitions in skill and ability to self-defense, which allowed the Cossacks to improve practical skills. The system of training, education of character, improve skills and competitive spirit possessions of the Ukrainian Cossacks formed the basis hortyhu as sport, born in Ukraine. You must adapt to the rules of etiquette hortynhu.
Ukrainian culture is very complex, and much of what previously taken for granted just as then, is not acceptable vUkrayini out. But the Ukrainian Federation Hortynhu aims to the development of the sport and combat system in Ukraine given the mentality and talent of the population of our country by law and in close cooperation with the Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports.

Hortynh - povnokontaktnyy complex form of martial art, formed by Ukrainian specialists in the field of martial arts based on the principles of athletic training as a long-term, year-round, organized a training process of comprehensive development, education, moral and ethical education of athletes. Development of this program due to the need to improve the training process due to the increasing requirements for training athletes. In developing this program, the experience of the best youth sports schools in Ukraine.